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Chairman Greeting

Li Hejun

Vice Chairman of the 11th Congress of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce,
Delegate of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,
Director of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce,
Board Chairman and CEO of Hanergy Holding Group

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Ecological civilization will be ushered in for the world after thousands of years of agricultural civilization and hundreds of years of industrial civilization. Under the new civilization, man and nature will learn to live in harmony and sustainable socioeconomic development will become a reality. As the ultimate driver of the ecological civilization, clean energy will eventually transform the way that mankind lives, works and consumes. Therefore, clean energy remains the fundamental pursuit of Hanergy Holding Group and is our decision made for a sustainable and harmonious world.

Based on a strategic vision, Hanergy strives to become an influential global player as a Chinese company through innovation and exponential growth. Driven by our mission “Change The World With Thin-Film Solar” and a great sense of social responsibility, Hanergy endeavors to accommodate the expectations and interests of all stakeholders while providing clean energy to the public. In this way, we can promote the balanced economic development and fulfill our economic, environmental and social responsibilities.

I believe that new energy in particular solar power will replace the conventional energy instead of just providing an alternative. It is a revolution that will soon be achieved. New energy will transform not only the energy landscape of the world, but also the lifestyle of mankind. Chinese companies have unprecedented opportunities in the new energy industry, as manufacturing and hi-tech are the two pillars of this energy industry and China has remarkable edges on both fronts.

Hanergy is the director of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce. In recent years, since our entry into the solar power photovoltaic industry, both a hi-tech and new energy industry, and guided by the new energy development strategy of the government, we have soon become the sole hi-tech clean energy private company in China that extends its presence throughout the entire value chain of photovoltaic solar power industry. Our business components include hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic solar power generation, R&D of photovoltaic technologies, production of high-end equipment and photovoltaic cells, construction of photovoltaic power stations and BIPV (Building-integrated Photovoltaics).

We have stood up to the test from the construction of Jin’anqiao Hydropower Station. The eight years of efforts by Jinsha River presented as an exercise to temper our persistence, build our staff and consolidate our strength. At present, Hanergy has taken off to a steep growth curve and attracted the limelight of the photovoltaic solar power industry again thanks to its strategic business planning and investment in the new energy sector.

I have summed up my years of experience in one statement. Namely, we generally overestimate the changes in one to two years and underestimate those in five to 10 years. The changes and development with new energy have been underestimated by all. I hope that Hanergy will transform the global energy landscape and become one of the most influential companies in the world in the coming decade. I am confident in this because Hanergy is a miracle maker and Jin’anqiao Hydropower Station was the first miracle we made. I believe that together we can continue to make many more miracles.

Li Hejun,
Vice Chairman of the 11th Congress of the ACFIC,
Delegate of the CPPCC,
Director of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce,
Board Chairman and CEO of Hanergy Holding Group

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