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Social Responsibility

CSR vision

As a multinational clean energy generation company, Hanergy has been committed to “Change The World With Thin-Film Solar” . The core responsilities of technological innovation, enviromental protection and sustainable development of human society are in compliance with our corporate values. While providing clean energy through continuous technological innovations, we have carried out our social responsibilities to our employees, stakeholders, environment and society thereby promoting the advancement of society and well-being of people.

Change The World With Thin-Film Solar – Hanergy has been committed to developing clean energy and providing comprehensive CO2 emission reduction services. Hanergy endeavors to accommodate the expectations and interests of all stakeholders while providing clean energy to the public.

In this way, we promote the balanced and sustained development by integrating economy, environment and social responsibilities organically.

Powered by our Nation –  Benefited by the nation’s growth, Hanergy strives to become an influential global player as a Chinese company and feed back to the society with gratitude.

Technological innovation for sustainable development – Technological innovation is not only one of the core responsibilities of Hanergy, but also the key to its success in maintaining its leadership in clean energy industry. We believe that sustainable development is based and achieved through constant innovations in core technologies.

Care for the disadvantaged – Recognizing the importance of providing support to the disadvantaged groups, Hanergy is actively engaged in public affairs and charity by donations, implementing social programs and quickly responds to disasters. We wish to bring love, hope and positive influence onto the society through tangible actions.

Co-development with employees – Hanergy seeks to operate in compliance with major principles set forth by UN Global Compact regarding human rights, labor rights and environment. We recognize the value and voices of our employees and attach great importance to the employees’ physical and mental health as well as personal career development. We value the opportunities to be, to share and to grow together with employees.

Giving back to society – Hanergy fully recognizes that social stability, economic prosperity and cultural advancement are crucial for corporate development, and seeks to give back to society with gratitude.

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