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Hanergy CSR Performance


A great company is a vehicle of the ideal society that is supposed to be harmonious and sustained. Hanergy adheres to the organic integration of economy, environment and social responsibilities in dealing with public affairs. Hanergy has long donated and given care to HIV/AIDS orphans, China’s Poverty Alleviation Program, environmental protection and education equity, etc. Since 2002, Hanergy has donated over 100 million RMB to health, education and poverty-alleviation causes. In addition, working closely with the China Glory Society in Poverty Alleviation, Hanergy responds quickly to the national call for supporting minority populations and remote poverty-stricken areas in the western region of the country. So far, Hanergy has invested 40 billion RMB to promote economic development in western areas, including Lijiang in Yunnan province, Shuangliu in Sichuan province, Hainanzhou in Qinghai province, and Aksu in Xinjiang...


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